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It all started when…

What is it about you? When they see you, what makes you so different... that you should be labeled as a Queen? - Qween


Karissa “Qween” Robinson (born September 5th, 1989) is a Louisiana native, born and raised in the capital city. Qween’s Christian journey began at the age of 14, after being witnessed to by two young ladies in a local Wal-Mart store. She immediately accepted Christ and that was over 15 years ago. 

Qween contributes having a personal relationship with Jesus as the most influential factor in the writing of her lyrics. She believes that even though, “our gifts make room for us”, a life with accountability provides opportunities for limitless advancement in those gifts. Qween also believes that music is only a part of the many gifts and callings that God has for her. She also believes that a woman isn’t just a Queen because she calls herself so, a woman is a Queen because of how she carries herself.  

Qween currently lives in Baton Rouge with her husband, Frank Robinson;they are proud members of United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM), pastored by Dr. Mark Ellis. Her favorite quote from Pastor Ellis is, “The price of God’s presence is time.” Qween’s desire is for God to be glorified and people edified by the gifts that God has given her.