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Chief Financial Officer & Co-Director Of A&R

  Brandon G-servant Parker was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He had a very tough life growing up, at the age of six Brandon lost his mother from a gunshot wound, having already no relationship with his father at all. Brandon was raised by his Grandmother and his step Grandfather after his mother passed. His grandmother and step grandfather did all they could to take care of him but with his grandmother heavily grieving the lost of her daughter and his step grandfather on drugs made for a very disfunctional home. With no father around Brandon looked up to his uncle's one of whom was one year older than him who Brandon considered as a big brother. At the age of thirteen years old Brandon began to hang in the streets with his uncle smoking weed, selling crack cocaine, playing with guns, having sex and drinking. His street like mentality started to reflect his education. He was put out of school for fighting, on top of that his grades were consistently bad. Brandon continued to live a street life and it began to take a toll on him. By the age of 15 Brandon had been through a lot and had seen a lot, he found himself being a 7th grade drop out, addicted to drugs and having no direction.

  At this point he began to ask himself "is this it is this how my life will end up". Brandon realized that he had a problem and needed help, he found his father who was married at the time and began to live with them it was a better environment from which he came. Brandon was still going back to the hood doing the same old stuff but it all changed when he found out that his his step mother's dad was a Pastor. Brandon knew that this was no coincidence so he ask to go to church, when they went he was deeply impacted by the message about Jesus.

  Brandon gave his life to God that very day and been holding on every since. Brandon went on to graduate from Belaire High School in Baton Rouge,LA. He sat under his pastor for 7yrs and became the youth minister of Love & Faith Fellowship under Pastor James Lee Jackson and Evangelist Jackie Jackson with 10 total service years , and  became a national Christian rap recording artist when signed to Longevity Music under Pastor Corey Hicks of The Vine NOLA in New Orleans Louisiana. Brandon main mission is to Expose the world to the message about Jesus, the one who has the power to transform lives and give eternal life to those who receive him.