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Chief Executive Offficer , Visionary, and Artist of Rapture Ready Productions

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
— Revelation 12:11 (King James Version)

I was born in the Baton Rouge Louisiana and growing up in the city, I was your average kid.  In the late 80's, rap was blowing up at the time and it was everywhere in the culture.  I remember memories of me and some friends I grew up with rapping to some old school Run-DMC beats and recording our lyrics on Talkboys.  As time progressed I began to acquire the software and tools I needed to record professionally.  My dream was to be the next 2Pac or Jay Z.  My rap name was L.O.D which is interpreted Lack Of Discipline, which later would end up being a hidden agenda by the enemy (Satan).  While in motion to become a star with a group of neighborhood friends, we created a record label (only in our minds) called Lack Of Discipline Records or L.O.D Records for short.

At first all we did was take other people's music and make parody versions of it until I began to produce and make our own music.  What started as a couple of friends playing around with a computer mic and some cheap recording software, turned into a burning drive to become big in the industry.  Our name began to spread in our community and even in the schools that we each attended.  People wanted our music and would even pay for it.  In an effort to become famous, I began to research what it takes to really make it in the music industry.  I began to talk to radio personnel and even call into our local radio station when they would have freestyle battles on the phone to compete with other people in my area for notoriety.  As my fame grew so did my passion to get a name for myself.  Therefore, I began to record a real solo album that would be self published with all of my music and lyrics.

Although I wasn't your typical teenager, the effects of gangsta rap began to influence me in a negative manner.  I hung out with the wrong crowd, began stealing from local stores and malls.  I started lusting for material things and women and even was disrespectful to my parents.  All this time I was failing in high school and had no care about my future outside of rap.  My music consumed me.  L.O.D (Lack Of Discipline) became my identity and personality.  I completely lost touch with with my roots in the church and completely turned away from the morals that my parents taught me. 

Although my parents weren't that religious, my mother always kept me in church.  We went to a local mega church in Baton Rouge every Sunday.  I always enjoyed church even when I didn't try to practice the doctrine that was taught.  At the age of 16, however, my whole life changed.  I went with my father to my grandmother's home to visit.  While I was there I noticed my grandmother reading her Bible in her bedroom.  As a joke, I walked into her room and said, "Grandmother, tell me about this Jesus that you speak of all the time!"  She smiled as she always would and beckoned for me to come sit on her bed.  For the next hour or so, I laid at her feet as she told me the story of Jesus.  With all the years of going to church, I never really understood who Jesus really was and why he died for me.  She gave me the whole story and laid it all out.  It was simple; at that moment my grandmother planted a seed in me that changed my life forever.  The next day which was Sunday, I was heading to a different church with my mom that we had been visiting for a couple of months.  I said to my mother that I was going to give my life to Jesus that day.  The look my mother had on her face was priceless.  I kept my word!  That very day back in 2002, I went before the altar at Five Fold Ministries and gave my life to Jesus, however, the story doesn't end there.

I was 16 and still influenced by my peers, and thus began to backslide back into my old habits.  At this point, my music was growing more and more.  The solo album was coming to completion and the local release date was October 31,  2003 (Halloween).  I had made about 50 copies that I was going to distribute locally and to radio stations.  Afterwards, I was going to meet with a friend of mine who had a connection to a record label in town who may have given me a record deal.  It was the night before my release, and I was sitting in my bedroom getting my finished C.D.'s packaged up to bring with me to school the next day.  All of a sudden, I heard the voice of the Lord.  He said, "I have called you to be a christian rapper."  I felt like time had stopped, and I was frozen in the words He spoke to me.  From the training I received in my church, I knew that when God speaks, you listen and accept what He says!  I accepted the call and His will for my life.

I made a vow to the Lord that I no longer would use my talents for gain, fame, or riches.  Instead, I vowed that I would use my talents to go out and reach the lost by preaching His word in simplicity through the written lyrics He would give to me.  My purpose is to be a light of Christ in a dark world, using my music to deliver and comfort people with the message of Jesus Christ!

The best is yet to come!!!


Jeremy Duncan