Chief Operating Officer, Executive Engineer, & Head of A & R

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
— Matthew 6:33

   Jay Knight is a work in progress. He is continually listening, watching, and reading for ways to do better, be better, and hone his craft.
    Jason is the third son and youngest child of his parents. Number two of a set twins, he and his brother set out to make music the boys could blow to and the girls could shake to. It has always been about the music, but the direction was unclear.
    At 16 Jason developed an intimate relationship with Christ that left him confused about his craft. He loved making music and only had experience making one type, but this new intimate relationship didn't mesh well with the music that was in his heart. Make no mistake, the relationship with God was new, but it was also strong. At this time in his life, as would happen a few more times, Jason threw away all his CD's with music that didn't glorify God. He gave up music for a while because he didn't know how to do it without an inner conflict. After a few years back and forth of buying music and throwing it away, or deleting it, God revealed that he had already placed enough word in him that he could use the talents he was blessed with to build the kingdom.
    Since then Jay Knight has been working to build the kingdom lyric by lyric and beat by beat. His desire to react with all people has influenced him in many ways. From bringing Joy to folks over the radio waves every morning, to making sure his pastor sounds crystal clear when bringing the word at church. He is grateful that God has allowed him to learn and use many aspects of audio engineering and production to spread His word in many different ways.
    Jay Knight is a husband and a father, and he endeavors to be the man his son can look up to and be proud to emulate. Often his lyrics are birth from a deep desire to be better for his family. He is transparent in his walk as a husband and his strides in fatherhood.
    Jay Knight keeps his ears and his heart open to hear from God, and his desire is to follow every word that God blesses his with.

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