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Vice President Of Branding & Marketing & Blog Editor & Chief

“HisName” has a plethora of meanings incorporated through lessons from his personal life but more importantly through his relationship with Christ I’ve learned the importance of God’s love to us through Christ. Christ being the husband to the church, (us), being His bride. It is God-ordained that the wife takes the name of the husband and like any bride does, she proudly embraces and carries that name and dedicates her life to the husband the same way he dedicated his life to her. Christ has shown this type of love to us by dedicating His life to us so that we can not only carry his name, but share His goodness and His unconditional and unfailing love, with the world at large.”  

Keion was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nurtured in a rich, but humble heritage of holiness, he was surrounded by anointed men and women of God who constantly spoke into his life and declared that God would make him and his name great. With a maternal Grandmother, and mother who were musically inclined, a fraternal grandmother who currently pastors and flows in the five-fold ministry, and being the son of ministers, he was destined to do the work of the ministry. Sadly, he was constantly running from the calling on his life to fulfill his own desires, but the prayers of the righteous were constantly going up for him and he could not shake destiny.

Keion accepted Christ, as he knew him, at an early age and began writing music, which was only an addition to his awesome artistic and poetic abilities. He later attempted to start a secular rap career, experimented with drugs throughout his early adulthood, and tried all he could to put God “on hold” until, he had a chance to live what he thought was “life.” He made quite a few bad decisions, suffered some rough consequences, but never lost his faith in God. Because his life was filled with countless testimonies of the faithfulness and favor of God, despite his failures, he found himself often ministering to the lost and encouraging others to keep the faith, both inside and outside of church. It was just in him!

Life taught him some hard lessons, and he suffered many losses, but God always showed himself faithful through it all, and kept reminding him that he was His and there was much more to life than what his carnal eyes could see.

  After several near-death experiences, headaches, heartaches and literally being brought to his lowest point in life, he finally came to himself and realized that his life was not his own. At age 23, he denounced religion and started a real relationship with Christ, which by design, led him smack dab into the entrance into God’s purpose for his life. He fully surrendered, and despite the enemy’s full on attacks, he committed his ways and his God-given gifts and talents to the work of the ministry. God stripped me of pride, taught him how to forgive himself and others, and catapulted him into true purpose. For that point on, he has allowed God to use him to reach the lost with the message of reconciliation and relationship with a profound sound that exudes righteousness, realness, rhythm and rhyme, with the message of Christ for this day and time. Sometimes it even baffles me the way God uses him! 

Part-time blogger, full-time servant, devoted father, and loved by God. He boasts only in Christ and Him crucified! Giving all glory to God, he expresses his love and gratitude for his mother, father, his grandmother and late grandfather for keeping him focused, encouraged and for reminding him that “humble is the way” , but most of all, to keep the main thing, the main thing, proclaiming HISNAME! The name of Jesus!