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Co-Creative Director & Head Videographer and Photographer


GIV”, Born Johnathan Charles Nichols, was born and raised in Natchitoches,La. Johnathan was the youngest of 3 boys, Clifford and Johnny Jr., who at early ages blazed trails in their musical craft in their home town and abroad. Johnathan made it his personal goal to live up to the standard this his siblings had set. While Johnathan looked up to his older brothers, his entire family played a huge role in influencing his love for music. His love for harmonies and vocals came alive at Lake Street Church of Christ, where his grandfather pastored. Lake Street Church is a traditional Church of Christ Ministry that sang all hymns and songs with no instrumental accompaniment. Without the accompaniment of instruments, Johnathan understood the importance of his voice as an instrument.

The youngest generation of Johnathan’s Grandfathers legacy; Remnants of Harmony, often traveled And shared their natural gifts of rearranging the times most popular gospel music into Acapella versions. Using only their voices, each song was brought to life. You could hear the intricacies that instruments would bring but only voices were heard. This encapsulated Johnathan’s young musical mind. By the age 11, Johnathan competed and won multiple talent shows at church functions and at school, and has been recognized as a Nichols-Lucas prodigy. Devouring any and all music that he could get his hands on, Johnathan reached impressive levels by time he went to 7th grade.

Being Apart of Gifted and Talent program for vocal and instruments superior ratings in contest, a total of 12 years of band and concerts, and countless memorable choral performances, i guess you can say Johnathan ate, slept, and breathed music. After his parents divorced when he was 16, he found music to be his safe place from sadness and depression. Yet, it still couldn’t heal all of his emotional wounds.

Deciding to live with his dad, Johnathan developed a deep and strong relationship with God. Having experienced how his personal relationship with his earthly father changed his mannerisms and even his physical appearance, Johnathan began to see how his relationship with God can do the same. After this grand revelation, Johnathan studied non stop. Learning and understanding God and His word more than ever. Johnathan began to see that God was so much bigger than a religion. Although grateful for the foundation that was set, Johnathan soon left the Church of Christ as he felt there was something more. He began seeking for a place that could feed the vastness of his Spirit.

Along his spiritual journey, Johnathan was inspired to learn more about himself, his heritage, his purpose, his name. What he found was nothing less than a message from God. He found that his entire name means “God gave man victory”. This stoked the fire of leadership, that had been smothered by depression for so long and motivated Johnathan to leave his small hometown of Natchitoches, no matter the cost, no matter the method.

On a trip to Baton Rouge, La to do photography work for his brothers music group, Johnathan met a lady who would soon become his wife, Renetha, who lived in Baton Rouge. Ren introduced Johnathan to a new concept of family, love and Spirituality. As well as a host of new relationships with people who were as passionate to see Johnathan grow .

Johnathan could finally see the peices of the vision God placed in him come together. This vision, fueled by passion is now his mission.God blessed Johnathan with music. He preserved his life when he needed it most. And now Johnathan wants to bless the world with Gods message through him. God gave us victory! God Is Victory! GIV!