Christianity and Public Correction: Are we going too far?

Christianity and Public Correction:  Are we going too far? Galatians 2:11 – 2:14

 Growing in the Christian community has been believers who have YouTube channels, social network accounts and ministries build on publicly correcting other believers. 

·         Are we perverting the intent behind Galatians 2:11 – 14 and is it being done to brand ourselves?

·         The intent of Galatians 2:11 -14 was rooting in love. Love for others who were following Peter and his actions, and those actions were becoming a stumbling block (Barnabas).

·         Is public correction causing more discord in the body than it’s building? Where is the balance?

·         Should there be a protocol for public correction and are we following it?

·         Due to technology is the body removing proper spiritual authority to publicly correct? Are we usurping the fivefold ministry?

·         The balance of correction and being judgmental. What is that balance? How to spot a judgmental Christian? There fruit, majority of their conversation focus on the negative and rarely speak from a position of grace, understanding, forbearance, and love.

·         How can the church prepare believers to properly understand which correction is acceptable and the correction that needs to be bind?

·         At what point do we correct the corrector?

Jeremy DuncanComment