Pray It Away: Mental Health in the Church

Mental Health in Church (Johnny Young Jr. P.HD, PsyD & Felisha Young, PsyD)

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1. Why is there a stigma behind mental health in the church?

2. Why do we tie counseling into not having faith in God?

3. Have we become so conscious about the spirit leading that we have neglected the soul and what are the affects of neglecting the soul?

4. What do you say to believers who calls mental health a demonic spirit and that person has to be rebuke? 

5. Where does the line draw between demonic vs. mental illness?

6. Why does the church separate mental health from the church?

7. What are the barriers in the black church that effect our souls from prospering? 

8. How do we remove this stigma with mental health 

9. Does mental health looks different for men and women in the church?

10. What’s the resolution?

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