Leading Going Too Far!

Leading Going Too Far!

-Was that proper leading or abusive leadership? 

-Can a leader have pure intentions but horrible decision making? What is the remedy for that?

-Should there be a line drawn from a spiritual father that ONLY a husband should critique? 

-Was that coaching session spiritual cultivating?

-Should single women be critique in that way or should an elder women in the church do what Pastor Jennings did?

-What happen to the church mothers? Have we push them away due to their jealousy and our interpretation of grace?

-Did the motive of being known was the reason he filmed the “razor coaching session”

-**Didn’t Appreciate him saying it’s his church*

-He did apologize... So we have to acknowledge. He did apologize. 

-Are we asking our spiritual leaders to do more than what their called to do? For example: be psychologists or life coaches?