What Did I Sign Up For? Meagan Good And The Church

Meagan Good was recently on D.L. Hughley show talking about her new movie, “The Intruder” and doing that interview they talked to her about how her husband feels (Pastor Devon Franklin) about her sex scenes and she also explains why she avoids “church folks” and doesn’t always goes to church with her husband.

· Is the church ready for a sex symbol or a secular actor?

· Is she putting her profession over her belief?

· Are not extending grace to Meagan to allow the Holy Spirit to grow her and forcing her to be what we want her to be?

· Is Devon Franklin covering allow his wife to grow?

· Is Meagan being mature about this situation? She understands her emotional side, she is loving them from a distance… She didn’t say she stop going, but she doesn’t go all the time. Is she making the right choice for her growth?

· Should we protection our spirit

· Is the judgment for Meagan centered around who her husband is or center around her being a sex symbol?

· Do we give people the proper ability to grow in the Holy Spirit or do we judge them for not being who we want them to be?

Jeremy DuncanComment