Is the church letting people down? The Church vs. Tweet

Tweet said she’s sick of church. Seeing people being hypocritical. Tweet and her daughter talk about how pastors & Elders in there DMs, and their ultimately resolution was staying away from the "church". Are People are using the church as a business now? Is this just Church Hurt

1. I heard this quote: Church: The only place in the world where people leave because of hurt. Job: The only place in the world where people stay no matter what hurts they go through. Is there truth in that statement?

2. Is the issue as believers, we throw everything in with the bad without created boundaries? My issue is: the people not the Pastor, or Pastor not the clothes?

3. Talk about a situation where you thought about leaving the church?

4. Why do believers give up on church so quickly?

5. Hypocrisy is the issue. Fashion show. Drama and not allowing people to be who they are. Is that true?

6. Do people who leave the church simply want a pass to sin freely without judgement or is the hypocrisy tiring for most?

7. You can’t get a family, because all you get the bible. Who are you? You have made your Identity the bible.

8. Is people leaving church due to lack of grace for leaders or lack of integrity by leaders?

9. What steps can the church take to ensure we keep believers active in local churches?

10. Is the increase of church members and not disciples the issue of people leaving the church?

11. Is the main issue people leave the church is due to a strong relationship with Jesus? Their house is built on sand?

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