Character vs. Anointed vs. Talent

Le'Andria Johnson: Character vs. Anointed vs. Talent.

Both of her parents were pastors and were strict in not addressing any issues.

1. Trying to use your God concept (belief) to heal but at the same time rebelling on what she belief. Is there truth to that statement?

2. Are we truly caring for people or are we using them for their anointing for our ministries?

3. Why have we made Talented equate with Character?

4. Have we put a hierarchy on gospel artists to make them feel they have to be flawless to sing?

5. Why can’t a gospel artist just sing? We give grace to artist(s) outside of the Gospel and Christian community all the time, why don’t we give that same grace?

6. Have we created a culture in the black church where we have created jobs and not ministry?

7. How do we insure we properly give grace to someone who is clearly anointed, but making sure their equipped for leadership?

8. Why do we uplift these artists up to knock them down when they don’t display our version of perfection?

9. Why does the church crucify their own and not help them?

10. Did the church fail Le'Andria Johnson? And how can we stop more situation like Le'Andria Johnson?

11. How do we get to the point where we critique with condemning?

12. Does the church allow believers to tell the truth and still love them? Or force them to hide behind their anointing?

Jeremy DuncanComment