Sexuality in the Church: The Attraction of the Anointing. Part 4 (Parker)

Sexuality in the Church: The Attraction of the Anointing. Part 4 (Parker)

With Special Guest HisName, Qween & Jana

Spiritual can turn to emotional. A pure spiritual discussion can turn into an emotional tie. Trying to help someone to know Christ, a bond is formed

1. What are some of roadblocks you experience being a ministry leader and your spouse isn’t publicly in ministry?

2. Is there any subliminal or blatant disrespect to your spouse not being in the same public ministry as you?

3. Are there battles with you and your spouse due to your public ministry. Can it be stressful to your marriage?

4. Does being in the public eye as a minister add additional attraction from the other sex, and how does your wife deal with it?

5. Do people perceive that because you’re in public ministry, you’re spiritually more mature than your spouse?

6. Do you attempt to make your wife feel secure due to the additional attention you get from other women?

7. Does it ever seem like other women see the anointing on your life more than your wife? Have their ever been a season you thought that?

8. Does your anointing offend your spouse at times? Due to you being in the public eye?

9. How do you keep balance in your marriage?

10. Do you establish any boundaries between yourself and women in ministry?

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