Our Fathers & Our Father: The Absence Of Fathers & Our Submission to God

25 million kids in the United States who don’t have fathers in their lives. Being without a father effects all aspect of your life, including your belief. A lot of times in the Christianity, we tell people the answer is Jesus without hearing what their saying.

- How does the effect of not having a father or issues with your father effect your walk with God

- How do you apply child like faith when you never properly experienced the position of being a child?

- Submitting to a God you can’t see when you there’s no father you can see. How do you do that?

- How do you deal with having to walk on your own and then submitting that walk to God?

- How can you accept a loving God if the father was abusive, absent physically or emotionally?

- The difficulty in being yourself emotionally when you didn’t see it from your father?

- Authoritarian father affects: complete control or obedience — can inadvertently influence their children to rebel against God.

- Abusive father affects: emotional, physical or sexual pain. — can inadvertently influence their children to have difficulties trusting, being vulnerable and emotionally relating to God.

- Distant or Passive fathers: Show little to no affection. — can inadvertently influence their children to view God as uninvolved and disinterested in their lives.

- Absent father: not there. — can inadvertently influence their children to believe that God is inaccessible or nonexistent.

- How do you give what you haven’t got? Or how can you properly receive what you haven’t gotten? I had to embrace what they were like, and not despite what it wasn’t

Jeremy DuncanComment