Episode 9 - Sexuality in the Church: The Attraction of the Anointing

Episode 9 - Sexuality in the Church: The Attraction of the Anointing

Spiritual leaders carry an aura of attraction. People are drawn to those who meet their needs.

The attraction to anointing is a taboo subject in the church but has been an elephant in the room since the church has been established. Spiritual intimacy...

Understanding that the calling on your life don’t prevent attraction and spiritual attraction is more dangerous than physical. Yes or no?

Honesty... If you are tempted to look at a brother or sister lustfully... Don’t entertain it... flee from it. You are not strong enough!!

Can’t watch, hear things that entice you

Counseling single women if your man; counseling single man if your a woman? Pastor shouldn’t become professional counselors. If it can’t be resolved I’m a session or two, refer to them a trained professional

The attraction to someone who’s doesn’t pray/worship/preach like your spouse/boyfriend... comparing anointing (This is coveting)

Is the church doing a bad job at teaching about sex?

The issues of sex/attraction don’t go away with marriage. So why do the church keep preaching on getting marriage?

Should there be boundaries when it comes to opposite sex: prayer, counseling, ministering alone, texting, calling concerning God?

Addiction to the First Lady spot... wanting the top spot at church?

Walking in purpose will draw Satan to you...

Love Language of affirmation. Spiritual leaders speak words of affirmation.

Spiritual can turn to emotional. A pure spiritual discussion can turn into an emotional tie. Trying to help someone to know Christ, a bond is formed

Get thee behind me Satan (Jesus to Peter)

Proximity fosters intimacy. Pastor meets with worship leader; youth pastor meets with secretary, etc. (Find a mentor)

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