Episode 8 - The Effects of White Jesus to the Black Church: Killer Mike Ideology ​

Episode 8 - The Effects of White Jesus to the Black Church: Killer Mike Ideology

With Special Guest HisName

1. Addressing the black community who think Christianity is the white Man’s religion and realizing a lot of people view it as a Western, White American Religion. (Have to address those who think white people are the enemy and we were manipulated to believe the enemy’s or oppressors religion).

2. Is the teaching of white Jesus closing the ears to some concerning the gospel? Not theological but racial.

3. Hebrew Israelites: Is this a case of religion begetting religion or is there truth? Fact: The term Hebrew Israelites was created by Wentworth Arthur Matthew and founder in 1919 of Commandment Keepers of the Living God, a Black Hebrew Congregation.

4. Has America Christianity been the most problematic issue to the black community?

5. Has the church let down the black community? Alton Sterling

6. Judging the belief (Christianity) by commitment of Americans.

7. Identity approbation (Identifying Christianity with one ethnicity)

8. Majority of the Black churches I’ve attended; not all... Still have a slave, must work for approval from God mentality and I’m starting to believe that’s been pass down from being in actually slavery. Has slavery effected our intimacy with God?

9. Should the church be colorblind? Should our only focus be Christ?


Islam came in Africa and forced their religion.

Christianity was presented in ancient Africa before Islam existed and before Europeans became Christians. Not only was it present but it was predominant in this time.

Ethiopia became a Christian nation in the 300s. Nubia became a Christian in the 400s. Studying ancient African history is to study Christianity

Oldest church came from Ethiopia 200s.

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