Episode 1 - Kirk Be Compromising!

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A Breathe of Fresh Heir Podcast: Avril, Ewell and J-Dunn


  1. The current state of CHH. Ministry vs. Artistry?

  2. Legalistic (started from listening to Bryan Trejo song, Can I preach). The danger in it and the rewards.

    1. Grace does not need anything added to it.

    2. Hard questions:  Is our focus only on the image of looking religious or holy? Is our focus on building up our own egos and pride? Is our focus on sin and failure alone, or is it on the forgiving grace of God?

    3. Legalism is rooted in senses, marginalizes Jesus and perverts the essence of Holiness.

    4. Colossians 2:11 - 23

  3. Can a Christian artist be successful in a secular mainstream? (Jay-Z type success)

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