Episode 4 - Prosperity Gospel: Truth or a Lie?

Episode 4 - Prosperity Gospel: Truth or a Lie? - With Special Guest Pastor Mike Carter

Here are the questions we touched on…

What is really prosperity gospel?

Why do so many people demonize prosperity?

Does God promise health and wealth?
Is prosperity gospel another gospel? -John Piper

1st Timothy 6:6

Has false humility become the enemy to abundant living?

Has sin consciousness/complex of sinning and repentance hinder the kingdom message?

Meme about Joel Osteen. Made 40 million off the church, you’re not a pastor but a business man.

What is the stigma behind pastor being rich? Why do leaders in church have to be poor? Do that stem from this disconnect of Jesus being poor?

Do prosperity gospel preachers tell people to focus on riches? Is riches the center of prosperity gospel?

Is it God that tells pastors to tell their congregations to sow certain amounts? 10 people sow $150... etc.

Is it misconception and lack of a kingdom understanding that makes the preaching of one struggles more honorable than biblical abundant living.

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