Episode 3 - When Transparency Goes Wrong!!

Breathe of the Fresh Heir Podcast Episode 3

When Transparency Goes Wrong!

Is John Gray too transparent? Is that’s operating in wisdom?

Is he acting like victim in this situation?

Derrick Jaxn comments: accurate or out of line?

Do spiritual leaders hinder the body trying to be more relatable ? (Led by flaws, scars and wounds)

Should spirit leaders led if themselves are not completely healed?

Have we equated anointing to effective and godly leadership?

Has transparency make it okay to preach from emotions and not being spirit led?

Are we going to churches that make sinning okay by focusing on grace? Has the church begin to follow those who tickle their ears?

Relating by flaws or the Fall of Men doesn’t help men gain their identity, only the righteousness of God and identifying yourself with who Jesus is and was does that.

P.S Apologies, Due to some technical difficulties the audio does cut out before the last 10 mins of the show, however the main point we want everybody to take away from this show is that we should give God all of our Hurt, Sufferings, Concerns , and Issues, because he is faithful and just to forgive us and give us peace in the midst of Storms! Give it to God!

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