Episode 2 - The R.Kelly Effect: Molestation in the Church

The R.Kelly Effect: Molestation in the Church with special guest host Rapture Ready recording Artist HisName!

This is an elephant in the room when it comes to the church. Our dirty little secret we swept under the rug.

·         2 Samuel 13: The Story of Tamar being rape by her own brother Amnon. (Nothing new under the sun)

·         Money was used as a tool or a weapon (Can’t serve two God).

·         I wanted for him to give me a big break. I want to be famous, and I want R.Kelly to make me famous, but he’s not going to get anything in return.

·         Dangle money in front, fame in front and you compromise your morals

·         The elephant in the room is there’s people in the body that does the same thing (Bishop Eddie Long, Priests, etc.); how can we show so much grace to these people, but not all people?

·         According to most studies, Black People worship celebrities more than any other group of people. Nielsen

·         Resolution? Because there’s millions of R.Kellys…

·         R.Kelly Spotify Stream Surge 16 Percent after Docuseries air

·         When they sing and rap about abuse, manipulation, exploitation – believe them. Notorious B.I.G.

·         Believing victims… Should we initially believe the victim or should this be a case by case basic?

·         Does one character come into play during these accusation?

·         Victim and the Perpetrator?

·         What’s the line on forgiving and forgetting?

We will address, that spirit( Perverse spirit) not an individual. We don’t war against the flesh. You attack an individual but the spirit behind it in the Kingdom.

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