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The Value Of The Sower

In scriptures concerning provision and establishing proper priorities by seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, Jesus is indicating the importance of sowing and reaping. Could Jesus be indicating that sowing and reaping is beneficial and also a method to remove worrying in the life of a believer?

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My faith is my justifictaion

Faith is the substance that pleases God and justifies us. It is faith that made the women with the issue of blood whole, it is faith that causes the blind to see, the sick to be heal, it is faith that establishes the just, the blessed, it faith that makes us saved and it is faith that justifies us. I’m not here to instigate a debate based on your denominational view of faith, but to challenge if your perspective of faith matches what God said faith is…

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One Of One

My spiritual Father, Dr. Rayford T. Iglehart, Sr. said a statement that I have memorized because of its clarity. He said, “Majority doesn’t equal normalcy”

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