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My faith is my justifictaion

Faith is the substance that pleases God and justifies us. It is faith that made the women with the issue of blood whole, it is faith that causes the blind to see, the sick to be heal, it is faith that establishes the just, the blessed, it faith that makes us saved and it is faith that justifies us. I’m not here to instigate a debate based on your denominational view of faith, but to challenge if your perspective of faith matches what God said faith is…

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The Vision Will Speak For You

You don’t have to respond to everyone that criticizes you; I would even suggest you not answer any critics back unless lead by God. The best response to critics is to be silent, stay focused on your purpose and goals and achieve levels of success and breakthrough you’ve not experienced before.

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Before The Rapture : The Purpose Of The Enemy by Ewell Netter

We often pray that God take away the enemy, we only want positivity around us, we don’t want any “fake friends”, etc.  and I get it! I completely understand not wanting anything to hinder or cause confusion or bring hate, hurt or persecution. However, there’s essential purpose of the enemy.

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Rapture Ready Productions Adds To Its Arsenal With New Artist “GIV”
First Things First (Everything)

My soul wanted to hear only one voice God’s voice because that was the only thing that matters when everything is said when everything ceases. His word is all that will stand. Me being his son and his sheep I want to know if he is proud my father and shepherd. Truth is I appreciate everything and everyone but if I ever lose my appreciation for my father or my hunger or my fear and my ear to hear. I lose my everything.

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