Eyes To The Floor : “The Introduction”

Eyes to the Floor


Kings and Queens. Women and Men. It is time to get back to loving ourselves. It’s time to be transparent and open to divulging those things that are hindering our growth. In life I have felt the pain and lingering affects of not loving myself. From a child well into my teen years I was picked on, belittled, and made decisions based on lack of self worth. I was searching for ways to be accepted and “fit in” not understanding that I was created to stand apart from the crowd. I endured abuse both mentally and physically because I was too ashamed to speak out and at the time hadn’t figured out how to tap into the power God had instilled within. I knew what prayer was but not the effective ways to pray. I had yet to discover the intimacy of fully submitting myself to God. The type of intimacy that reaches past gentle touches, tingles and mind control. I wasn’t fully equipped to face the harsh truths of life.This segment is intended to speak to everyone about the things we often keep hidden; just to name a few: low self esteem, insecurity, regret, and misdirection. Though geared towards women, men will definitely be able to relate and even see themselves in the topics. We all have experienced consequences of reckless decisions. Yet most of us have refused to give light to our inner struggles and demons that are holding us captive for the sake of saving face or ultimate privacy. We should be able to make these readings topics of conversations and lessons learned that we can pass on to our youth. Sharing this information amongst one another in hopes that it will lead to lifted spirits and more sufficient decision making. Travel on this journey with me where we go from our heads being down due to multiple feelings of dismay to making powerful strides filled with purpose, confidence and empowerment. We start with our eyes to the floor but they won’t stay there.


 - Avril Moore  

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