The Solution Part 2

You ever wrestle with being tired but the fear of letting go and the unknown keeps you in bondage?

I was here...In a parking lot, with tears in my eyes. In 30 minutes I will have to wipe these tears, put on a smile and pretend to be okay. At that moment, a voice from the speaker says, "come to me and find rest". I stop to listen and I hear it again... "come to me and find rest." Everything in me seems interested. Can this be The Solution I'm looking for? Then, I hear all the conversations my mother and I had about Jesus in my head.

Instantly, I say to myself, "I don't want to know the God they know." That God doesn't seem to help... the voice singing find rest keeps playing, "but everything I heard about you seems like a lie," I stated.

"Come to me and find rest..." The voice states it again. I breathe heavily with tears pouring, "I'm tired, and to get rid of this emptiness I will give you my all today Jesus. I want this rest, I want freedom, I don't wanna live weekend to weekend. I feel that I’m destined for more than getting drunk every weekend. I'm tired of fighting. I'll give you my all in this car today... and if you real, I'll let the world know you're real, but if you're fake... I'll make everything focus on showing the world that you’re fake..." *breathing heavy with tears* "I hope you’re real. I pray you’re real. I need you to be real."