The Solution Part 1

In the parking lot of my job, tears rolled down my eyes without thought... Without acknowledging hurt, my tears displayed it. I hid the hurt for years. I hid it in my nice job. I hid it in my fiancé. I hid it in my son. I hid it in drinking alcohol every weekend, but I couldn't hide it in this drive to work.

The tears just started flowing. It was like my body was even tired of my façade. I had become so good at masking my pain, that my eyes couldn’t lie anymore. I was tired. I was tired of living a purposeless life. I was tired of smiling but inside, a void of insecurities and pain was destroying me. I was tired of looking forward to getting drunk on the weekend and Monday still feeling this endless, empty void. I knew going down this road would end up in disaster. In pain, in hurt, even in death. I needed help. I needed freedom. I needed a Solution.