What Is Rapture Ready Doing Now?

Lately there has been a surge of content as well as announcements coming out of the Rapture Ready Productions camp. Although this may not be new to the rising record label and brand there is something new about this letter R not branded with wings but with a set of headphones and skyline. At first glance you may not fully understand but after taking a second look you will.

The label has not changed its logo nor has it lost its wings but have expanded them, soaring into the world of online radio. Wednesday July 24 marks the official launch for Rapture Ready Radio and if you haven’t tuned in you will want to now. It’s flooded with amazing CHH content. Amazing shows to cultivate people, the body of Christ and artist within the CHH genre. If you're the CHH fan, ambitious and like minded believer RRR is the station for you.

“Irregular Raps appreciates the love and support from Rapture Ready Radio! We’re honored to be a radio show on their platform, and we think that Rapture Ready Radio does a really good job at excelling their platform while keeping things organized, and being led by God”.

- Andrew Stridiron from “Irregular Raps”

I get excited when I turn on Rapture Ready Radio the reason is cause the music it plays really uplift my day plus the different types of shows are just great, THERE’s A show from UK called Hope Jamz and a show called Tentmaker Expedition that covers all kinds of gospel music so to sum it up, Rapture Ready Radio gives you a little bit of everything.

Orlando Page from “Rep Yo City Praise Radio” & Program Director at Rapture Ready Radio

Below is the official Rapture Ready Radio Press Release. Take a look for further information on RRR news and upcoming opportunities.


Baton Rouge, LA., 24 July 2019 – Rapture Ready Productions is taking Christian Hip Hop, Urban Gospel and Urban Content Creation by storm. After having launched a platform for Independent artists and being a driving force in ministry and music, RRP has launched Rapture Ready Radio in partnership with Rep Yo City Praise Radio.

The official launch date is Wednesday, July 24, 2019, reaching a listening audience of 3600 over the course of one month and over 420 total listening hours to date. There are multiple ways to listen via Live 365 Radio app or visit www.rapturereadyproductions.com/radio. There are various opportunities for Christian Hip Hop and Urban Gospel artist to submit music.

Ewell Netter, Rapture Ready Productions VP of Broadcast and Media Outreach, states that, “Rapture Ready Radio is here to create a culture and atmosphere where believers with a message can be heard without compromising their gifts, beliefs and morals.”
Be on the lookout for upcoming promotions, contests and great news.

Contact Keion Givens, VP of Branding & Marketing at hisname@rapturereadyproductions.com or Ewell Netter, VP of Broadcast and Media Outreach at ewell@rapturereadyproductions.com.

For more information:
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @rapturereadyo