Gone Fishing

Faith is sometimes overlooked and rarely used in the believer’s walk unless it benefits that believer’s intent. We often live a life or make a life where we don’t need God or his presence. So, when we are being tested, we give up or we go back to what we are comfortable with, even if that comfortable is unhealthy. This reminds me of Peter returning back to fishing once Jesus died.  Once Peter faith was tested, he went back to his comfort zone of fishing (John 21:3). 

So, can I ask you? What is your “Fishing”? What do you go back to when your faith is tested? Is it food, is it alcohol? Is it television? Mine was pornography… If I felt rejected, disappointed, hurt, even depressed. I would go to pornography to comfort me. It became my “fishing”. The thing I knew wouldn’t let me down and I knew wouldn’t disappoint me. Multiples issues would steam from my “Fishing” but the two main ones weren’t sexually related.

The first issue it revealed was my lack of faith and trust in God. Whenever, I became tempted through disappointment, hurt or rejected, I omitted my faith in God and went back to the thing I was comfortable with doing.  The second was this: I preferred the familiarity with bondage then foreign freedom.  

 Can I be honest with you concerning the second issue? Some people are so unaccustomed to happiness, misery is their place of resident. You can become uncomfortable with being happy. You can become used to being bound, so freedom is uncomfortable, so you fight to be back in bondage. You can be a foreigner to freedom. I became a foreigner to freedom, because my comfort zone was my bondage.

 I would love to challenge you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. When everything inside you wants to go “Fishing”, everything inside you wants to go back to your comfortable zone… You reject it mentally first and fight against anything that prohibits you to fly… That prohibits you to grow. Anything that keeps you in the bondage of comfortability.