One Of One

My spiritual father, Dr. Rayford T. Iglehart Sr. said a statement that I have memorized because of its clarity. He said, “Majority doesn’t equal normalcy…”

Western society, mainly the United States have created a culture in which coveting is encouraged and ultimately normalized. We see it in the commercials, it’s being taught in schools and has been displayed in the social network realm. The culture in the United States has made imitation acceptable and encouraged. To be better; change your hair, buy certain clothes, have a certain look, say certain things, be a certain way and have a certain relationship. The perversion begins when an individual is unable to have a certain look, when they say things differently, when they don’t have certain clothes and aren’t in a relationship. An individual is then subconsciously pressured to fit that standard and if they can’t fit that standard, they are criticized and even mocked. Due to that criticism, the individual begins to covet what others have in order to fit in with normalcy.

This demonic attack is a trap to deter you from being who God called you to be. We are workmanship (Ephesians 2:10), and any creative individual can tell you that one workmanship is never like the other. We are not created to imitate the creation. We were created to imitate the creator with our individuality. We are created to be a one of one model by God, and not a rendition of what this society and nation pressure us to be.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made to stand out as light to shine in a world that suppresses individuality and individual thinking; and as salt to preserve and add favor to it. You are not here to conform, to be put in a box, but to stand out boldly and embrace the work of art you were created to be (Ephesians 2:10 AMP).