Revive Yourself... Speak Life

For the month of May I have committed to posting one thing that I am worthy of on my Facebook page. I do this in obedience to what God told me to do. He desires for me to see myself in a better light. He is transforming my vision to see myself as he sees me. He is taking my way of thinking to higher heights. I know that he wants to do the same for you. Yes you; the one reading this blog at this very moment.

Often times we think so negatively of ourselves. When we make mistakes, we leave little room for others to criticize or correct us because we have come down so hard on ourselves. In the same manner, we have left little to no room for God to have a say in the matter as well. Learning from our mistakes is an essential part of life, but this does not mean tearing yourself down in the process. There should be more time set aside for recognizing all of the great attributes you possess. Take just 5 mins out of your day to speak life to yourself. Compliment yourself and say out loud what you are worthy of and deserve.

In order to think and speak more highly of yourself, you have to know yourself. Commit time to getting to know yourself. Combine this process with reading God’s word and seeking his counsel. In God’s word you will find that you are so precious to him and he hold’s you in high regard. Through consulting with God he will reveal the intricate details of your being that he is in love with and the areas of you that he desires to change if you allow him. Allowing transformation to happen is telling God that you are worthy of change; and in turn you are telling yourself that you are worth more than your previous negative thoughts of yourself. You are worth being awaken to a newness.