Happy JayKnight Appreciation Day

Today is not just an ordinary day here at Rapture Ready Productions. Today has been officially deemed as Jay Knight Appreciation Day!! Yes, its our brother and C.O.O’s birthday help us celebrate by showing love and appreciation for the man, the myth, the legend Jason Knighten commonly known as Jay Knight.


JayKnight is a legend in the making! Though he is already a legend in our home, I’m patiently waiting for everyone else to see the greatness we experience on a regular basis. #LengendaryBae

- Brandi (Wife) 


I bet if you look at the bottom of Jayknights foot, it would say 100% Genuine. There is no other person I have ever met that is more real than him man. And that's the best quality about him. He inspires you with the truth, No Fluff! Put it like this. Thank this man for Lit and any music to come from me. God blessed this team and his family, man the entire world with this King.


To the strongest, rawest, don't cut no conna rapper alive! Happy life day big bro! Thanks for being a big brother to me and always dropping wisdom when i needed it or not whether you knew it or not! Love ya Big bro!

- Frank

Happy bday to you JayKnight. With everything you’ve been through, you make people feel you and your struggle through all of the music and your lyrics. Enjoy yourself today. I look forward to seeing the fruit of this next year and beyond.

- Black  

Before I knew you as a rapper/label mate. You reached out to me to just encourage me concerning my music. I found out you were an artist months later. That speaks to your heart and character! Happy birthday my brother, I truly appreciate you and love you fam. May God continue to bless you.

- Ewell Netter

Happy bday Running back! Your blessed to see another year. Thanks for being a rock to the team and a guy who has our backs. Your a talented artist, husband, father. Enjoy your day. I'm blessed to begin to get to know ya 🙌✊



Jason you know I’m going to get poetic on you, so just deal with it lol. Listening to you speak is like watching wisdom and heart float in mid air and I know that the conversations we’ve had were truly heaven sent. You are constantly reminding me to be strong and the greatest version of myself. I hope your birthday is everything you desire and so much more. 

- Avril


Happy Birthday to my dude Jayknight who always kept it a buck since i met him back when we weren't even apart of a label. I pray God bless you as you continue to grow as a man of God and in your craft bro!!!

- Parker


JayKnight you are a MAESTRO! I believe your work ethic in the studio reaches beyond what we the artist hear, speak and experience. Your heart is so full with a spirit of excellence for the gift and craft that God has given you. To the Rapture Ready Running back ,I’m glad to call you my brother in Christ, COO and label mate


- Queen


Black Knight. Love big bro since day one it’s been all love and authenticity. You’ve taught me a lot man and I appreciate it all. Your work behind the scenes has been a blessing to see. I’m glad and grateful to call you my big brother a real big brother. Love you man and appreciate you to the fullest. 

- Keion  

There would be no Rapture Ready Productions as it is today without JayKnight!  God brought us together just a few years ago but it feels like a lifetime‼️ You are more than just a Brother, Friend , Business Partner, Tag Team Partner, & COO! You are a constant reminder of Gods favor and love for me to be blessed to have you in my life‼️ Love ya man! Enjoy your day‼️ 

- J Dun