Watch Your Mind

 “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” While reading Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer, the sentence leaped from the page. I couldn’t help but wonder if my current negative state of mind was truly damaging my life. I was moving in the realm of hurt feelings and attempting to read, pray, and study myself into feeling better. I noticed that even though I tried to convince myself that I had truly given all my concerns to God...I was still dwelling on the emotions attached to them in my mind and heart. I would often hear my pastor say, “Cast your cares on the Lord because he truly cares you; and leave them there”.  Yet I found myself still worrying about things I couldn’t change and though I desired for them to change for the better, I still thought that they would only get worse. I was traveling down a road of bringing death to my spirit and undoubtedly killing brain cells due to my habit of overthinking things.

God revealed to me on several occasions the scripture Proverbs 23:7 which says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”. I believe he was telling me that not only do I need to learn to trust him, but I also need to change my outlook on my situations. There is nothing wrong with going through the motions of honoring how you feel. Yet dwelling on those issues and emotions can be detrimental to mental health and more. Once the mind goes, everything else follows and if not careful you will find yourself on a road of destruction. We should work on putting negativity out of our head space and instead let in thoughts that will fill not only our beings but also lives with joy. Not saying that you won’t have difficult days or hardships but ask yourself if focusing on the pain of your situation is fixing any issues. If anything, the action is only adding to how awful you already feel and can indeed bring about more aggressive thoughts and actions.

Start dealing with the negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. “My life is falling apart but thank God I have life and purpose.” Soon that will turn into thoughts of having a great life only. You start to feel that way on the inside and pursue that happiness. At first it may seem unrealistic, but you literally mustchoose happiness and allow God to grow you in the area of accepting it can be so. Let the negative thoughts die; take your mind back and find a life where higher thinking produces higher living.