More Than Negativity

The church has specialized in focusing on the negative consequences for spiritual gifts given for the prospering of a positive gospel. Discernment wasn’t just given for people who may be harmful to our purpose, but also for people who are helpful to our purpose. If the spirit of discernment is properly used you will recognize truth and goodness wherever you find it as well as negativity and lies. You will recognize harm and health; however, harm is the only aspect that is elevated.


I often question why? Why is it we focus on the negative aspect over the positive? Why is holiness often viewed as something we must obtain through not doing something  and not something that was given freely through Jesus’ atonement? Why do our thoughts automatically gravitate to the worst or negative and not the goodness and rewards? If the goodness of God led us to repentance, why does our minds gravitate to the opposite of goodness?


The answer is, the lack of a renewed mind in Jesus. We are still mentally conformed to this world. Though we are spiritually redeemed instantly through belief and confession of Jesus as Lord, our minds still have the remnant of this world. A spiritual transformation has taken place, but now a mental one has to take place as well. We have to transform mentally by renewing our minds, our thoughts, our thinking with the word of God. We must deprogram our understanding, and conformed learning to a standard that is only suitable for child of God. This is why we are informed to put on the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5 -8), it is the only mind that will transform us from a conformed world. This mind of Christ isn’t something we work for. No, it’s something we already have (1 Corinthians 2:16). Jesus’ atonement (dead, burial and resurrection) has given us salvation, his spirit, his position and his mind.


So, it’s time to remove the negative consequences and start embracing the goodness in Jesus.