Life After Death: Preface

Loss seems to be so common in our lives nowadays that we sometimes set a short life expectancy on people, relationships, and situations. Though it may only start as a thought, we tend to think and speak death into the atmosphere. Sometimes we don’t expect things to last long due to past experiences or lifestyles. I’m sure we all have experienced loss in one way or another. We have lost family, friends, spouses, children and at times ourselves. The question how do we overcome or at least deal with the losses in our lives begs to be answered. Understand that I may not have all of the answers, but I do want share what I have learned simply by living and also by conversing with others. Through this series I intend to discuss loss, the aftermath and ultimately overcoming. They say that nothing lasts forever but there is life after death. There is a way to come back after a set back. There is love after loss. There is joy after the most unhappy moments. Let’s find our way back to our joy being fulfilled.