Pressing On Through The Pain

One day while sitting outside I saw two love bugs that were connected. One was dead and the other was still attempting to fly. As I sat there watching God gave me the illumination that even when flying with dead weight, life still goes on. That time doesn’t stop no matter the experience. So when we face losses, we shouldn’t stop either. I know you’re probably saying to yourself that this feat is easier said than done. In agreement, it is but yet it’s not as hard as we sometimes make it. I say this because even in this very moment you can give the testimony of how you kept going despite the past trauma you’ve experienced! 

Pain let’s you know that you’re still alive, that you have the ability to feel and have emotions. Depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing you can be sat down or set back. However if it has not physically killed you, you can still maneuver through it. The goal is to gather your broken pieces and allow God to mend them. He will give you the strength needed to press even while carry the weight of your loss. Yet think of how much lighter your load becomes when you release all of your hurt unto Him. Losses become distant memories and instead of focusing on death, we hold tight to lasting shared experiences.