Comittment Over Emotions

It’s the New Year! Each year we become excited over the possibilities that this year will be different than the year before. We acknowledge areas in which we can improve and we make resolutions to improve in those areas; however, the issue here is those resolutions are usually directed by our emotions. Whether that emotion is rooted in excitement, sadness, disappointment, etc. we are emotionally lead to these resolutions, and once the emotion is gone; the commitment for the resolution is gone. The commitment should override your emotion.  Any life changing decision should be done without emotions being the leading factor.


In the Kingdom of God, allowing your emotions to lead is called, being soul led. Your soul consist of your emotions, will and mind. The soul is what the enemy or God hopes to possess… Whoever has the soul has the body… It is the reason why the word of God consistently tells us to adjust our mind, our thinking and renew it in Christ and his word. This culture has allowed emotions to be the decision makers, and emotions should only be notifiers.  Our emotions should notify when things aren’t okay and according to what that emotion notifies, we should respond with the spirit of God leading. Unfortunately, we have allowed our emotions to lead our reactions as oppose to our commitment leading our response. The commitment to our families and  spouses should be over “not being happy”. Our commitment to God should be over “I don’t feel like going to church today because…..”.  Now, I know we can choose our commitment over emotions, because I have heard this statement multiple times, “I didn’t feel like coming to work today, but….”. The commitment to work or better yet; the commitment to money trumps your emotions. So, it becomes a priority and not a deficiency. Have you prioritized your commitment to God over your emotions? Have you prioritized the Kingdom of God and seeking first that Kingdom and his righteousness over your feelings? If not, let this be a gentle nudge to adjust your commitment to him, and shift your priorities.