The Power Of Prayer

What is prayer? Is prayer really necessary? If it is God’s will, why do I have to pray?  I would answers those questions by stating, “Prayer is direct communication with God, prayer is necessary, and prayer is a direct relationship with God”.  Those answers aren’t wrong, but they are indeed vague. They don’t execute how much we are loved by God. As religion has done most things when it comes to a biblical standpoint, prayer has been diluted and perverted. You are informed prayer changes things, but not how it changes them. You are not informed of the importance of prayer pertaining to the kingdom of God. So allow me to elaborate. Prayer exists because the realm of Heaven and Earth exist. The purpose of prayer is to intercede with Heaven to manifest the will of God in the Earth. It is more important than simply communicating to God, but prayer is actually a dominion mandate. Dominion exercises authority, and prayer is that authority. Prayer is usually depicted as an unworthy, unrighteous, shameful servant pleading with a holy and righteous God to intervene, when the first representation of prayer in scripture was God meeting with Adam who resembled him in appearance and reflected him through his actions. The communication with God that Adam had in the Garden of Eden was what God intended prayer to be for all of his children. Prayer is necessary because it gives God legal authority to manifest his word in the Earth. In Genesis 1:26; God states to let man have dominion over the Earth, at this point authority was delegated to man. This means nothing has permission to manifest in the Earth without agreement from man, not even God. Now, I know what most people are thinking right now. “Did he just say God doesn’t have permission to manifest without agreement from man?” Yes, I did; according to his word he gave that authority to us. Which is why prayer is so important; prayer is the birth canal for the will of God, and also a responsibility for an ambassador of the kingdom. Not only is it a responsibility, but it is also a privilege. In a Kingdom, it is a privilege to communicate directly to the King. To make a request known to him is an honor. So, not only is it mandatory, it is also a privilege. That’s an awesome statement once you receive it. During this course we addressed intercession as it concerns to prayer. When you hear the word intercession, we automatically think it is prayer, but prayer and intercession are indeed not the same. This is verified through scripture, I Timothy 2:1 state, “I exhort therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made of all men;” (Bold added for emphasis).

            The writer of the text is urging us to pray, intercede, along with giving thanks and supplication. Notice how prayer and intercession are separated? That’s because intercession is not prayer but it is something a person does in prayer. Intercession is an attitude, a position, and responsibility. To intercede in legal term means you have the power of attorney. To dive a bit deeper, Power of Attorney is a legal document or written authorization that gives someone you choose the power to act in your place.  Meaning you can go between two parties to reconcile. You mediate, or represent. God has given us this authority in Genesis 1:26, we now through Christ have the ministry of Reconciliation or Intercession. Through the atonement of Christ, we now have the “Power of Attorney” to intercede on God’s behalf. We actually re-present Christ on Earth. As Christ interceded (went between) for man due to Adam’s fall. We, the body of Christ now intercede for the unsaved and those with lack of knowledge. We are now the “go-between” when concerning Heaven and Earth, and we can only perform this great task through prayer.