“Life is a balancing act; keep your core tight!”

Currently I am working in a bible study book, “The Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer and week 2: day 1 is centered around having a strong core. Priscilla says, “a strong core helps with your balance, your stability, your resistance to injury, your stamina over time and under pressure...Truth is your core support. It provides the essential backing you need when you’re in the midst of spiritual warfare.” If you wear many hats, you know that having balance is of the upmost importance. If I had to describe my roles it would go as follows: Mother, youth Sunday School teacher, corporate business employee, blog editor, poet, outreach ministry director and that’s just to name a few. With all of those responsibilities I still have to maintain a relationship with my fiancé, family and friends. On the days when I feel as if the world is crashing down on me; I know that my balance is off.


If you too have a lot on your plate and have to step into many roles remember that you have to have the ability to switch and maintain them without losing yourself in the meanwhile. Pastor TD Jakes says, “you need to separate who you are from what you can do. If you don’t, you can get stuck, forever identified by the role you play.” Basically I’m pointing out that you want to be able to build a strong core spiritually which will aide with your physical life. We know that the virtuous woman always had work to do; no idleness. It was in fact her strong relationship and reverence for God that held her up. We want to be truthful about what we can and cannot take on as far as responsibilities and in those moments that we feel as if we have no choice in our tasks, we should rely on the strength of the Lord which is at the core of our existence.

Did you know that your gifts will make room for you? Keep in mind that when you are given much, much is required of you. It would be foolish for us to think that we can take on all that life throws at us alone. Having a strong support system can truly make a difference in how you approach not only your roles but also hardships. Think of how much more success you can experience when you combine that support with a strong core. Not only do we want to focus on God’s truth but we also want to ensure that the core of us is open, cleaned out and available for growth. Not much can get into a space that’s filled with turmoil. Also it’s hard to balance on the tightrope of life when problems and unresolved issues are pulling you to one side or another.


- Avril Moore