Family Matters: Introduction

I’ve come to realize in my short time being here that family is something special. Me being a father, son, grandson all these roles play a important part in who I am at what given time. Each role utilizing a certain part of me. As important as it is to be all these things, each one has its own particular relationship and its own dynamic; one common area is genealogy.

I strongly believe that family relationships especially that of a mother or father are designed to bring out the most in you. Also to be an earthly representation and or demonstration of our relationship with our Heavenly Father & The Body Of Christ!


In some ways we have allowed our natural relationships to have an effect on our spiritual ones or to give us a certain viewpoint in which can not be translated into the spiritual. Even though we may have distorted views and upside down type of relationships in our natural families; God utilizes them to give us wisdom and growth.

As a father I can say this from experience. Looking at my child brings me great joy because I can vividly see myself. I don’t see this in a self centered or conceited way either. Looking at my daughter I see my features and some of my characteristics. I believe in the same way God looks down on us His creation with the same Love, & Joy! Have you ever wondered somewhere in your walk what part do I play in this family which I’ve been adopted in as believer? How do I respond what is the purpose? In this series we will discuss these topics to help us better understand our relationships as it pertains to God the father, Christ & the body. 

I’m glad you asked. In this walk family matters. Relationships Matter. You Matter!


Remember God Is Love & iGodYou