“Black” Officially Becomes A Member Of The Rapture Ready Squad!


 As you can tell things are really moving along here at Rapture Ready Productions. Just last week GIV was signed on to the team. Now today a double whammy. A short promotional video was discreetly dropped coming from “Black” and then bam!!! A Full video dropped just yesterday and along side “Black” there’s the CEO of Rapture Ready Productions!! So if you haven’t seen the video you are utterly misinformed, but luckily you’re at the right place to see it. 



Although Black has been a brother all these years, after some great prayer and godly counsel, he has now decided to embark upon a new journey here at Rapture Ready Productions. So Help us here at RRP give “Black” a warm welcome and congrats to signing to RRP. Please feel free to state your congrats in the comment section below. 



Congratulations on your big accomplishment! Your perseverance in reaching this goal was an inspiration to me. Through the late nights and rough days, you refused to let doubt or tiredness bring you down. You have been speaking this into existence and the day is finally here! Let this moment remind you of the days that we prayed for this. I am honored to stand beside you and share in this success with you. I love you. Well Done!

 - Freddricka M. Lee (Wife)


Congratulations and many blessings on leveling up! Keeping your focus on the Almighty. He will guide you along the right path!

Love (Mama)


I’m so proud of the husband, father, and amazing artist that you are. God has amazing things in store for you. Me and your nephews love you.

Jacelyn (Sister) 


It seems like just yesterday we were riding around in the ninja turtle and making snowballs at The Spicy Nacho. I always knew you would change lives. You will reach people across the oceans and continue to be a vessel. I know you will! I love you brother. #BBM

- Adam (Best friend) 


Blackkkkk! Man bro words can’t express how proud I am of you, how happy I am that you got signed man! Like I remember you saying from pizza to lobster.

Man if you need anything bro, anything at all. Whatever it is if it’s in my power I’ll do. From beats to support, a second ear. I’m  here bro. Love you. Dricka and Carter y’all my second family. Congratulations again ..✊🏾

- RooK  


The most genuine rapper in the industry that I know right now hands down. He sets the bar high in everything that he does and he lives by his word. He is a true man of God who loves his family. He’s very loyal and a true brother. The game needs more men like him!

- Zo Frank ( Gospel rap recording artist) 


What’s up Black! I just want to congratulate you on your new signing! I can’t wait to see what God is gonna bring forth in your life! I also can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking up. Keep up the hard work & keep grinding. In the words of Errol “We blessed forever”.

- Rayon ( Christian Rap Artist) 


Black bro ever since I first came around, you have been nothing but supportive and uplifting. Warmly welcoming me to the CHH platform. Thanks for the kind words and pointers. Everytime we’ve met it’s been strategic. I feel as if you play a big part in God’s Plan. Your heart and your willingness to serve says a lot. Can’t wait to work with and along side you bro. Kingdom Business!!

- Keion  


It’s a rare occurrence when you find a young black man exceeding so early. And Black is one of the few that you’ll find. Man I can’t wait to see what fire you’ll spit, and how God will use you to influence the younger generation. Welcome to the Squad homie! 



I want to say congrats to my bro for joining the team!!! First time I seen you hit the stage I saw passion and greatness. Now we get to experience great things together. Its an honor to make history with you BRO!!!

- Parker  


I met D’Andre at a show in Baton Rouge where we both ministered that evening. I discovered we both attended the same college. That among other things we instantly connected. Then I watched him go forth and was INSTANTLY a fan. “Well Done” is still one of my favorite songs to this day. I pray that I can watch him grow his ministry and business to great heights, and I know his music is going to change lives.

- Jason 


From the first day I met you, we clicked like blood brothers. Your energy , your determination , and your willingness to do what’s right even when it’s not popular says allot about who you are. When I look at you, I basically see a younger yet more driven version of myself. I promise to push you forward towards the  elevation that God showed me you are destined to be placed in. Love you bro! Let’s make history‼️

CEO Jeremy Duncan

Rapture Ready Productions