Has the CHH community given “Chance The Rapper” A Pass?

I’m sure you’ve seen lately that the highly sought after rapper “Chance The Rapper” whose rise to fame was no shorter than a miracle. The Chicago native rapper who is well known for his deep melodic flow, organ chords, and choir like vocals that give you a gospel feel. For some, Chances’ sound may be the closest representation  of gospel music in the secular setting. Of course there are Some that beg to differ and claim to “try the spirit”. It’s no debating that Chance has broadened the subject matter of God in secular music by openly expressing his belief in God and the gospel of Jesus Christ in his music. Chance has shared the stage with some of the most influential people in Gospel Music. Which is amazing to see and experience for anyone, but a thought comes to mind...

“ Isn’t this what Lecrae has been doing for countless years now?”

Lecrae has been Blurring the lines or for lack of a better term being a “bridge” for the secular and religious community. As I stated earlier, some may depend on Chances’ knowledge or relationship with God as a example, which has its pros and cons, but there is no denying that  he has no problem displaying his belief and giving God glory for the accomplishments in his personal life. This raises a question for the "CHH Community" and the "Church" as well...

Has mentioning God/Jesus in a song become a fad now? Even Deeper, does mentioning God, Christianity, and or Jesus make you a "Gospel Artist"? 

Some would say Chance is in fact a CHH rapper and some again will beg to differ. We don’t know and we may never know Chances' personal relationship with God. Although he is a secular artist, should Christians rally around his cause or should it cause us to dig deeper within our selves and ask what makes us Christian as well as what makes our gifts Christ like?? 

Please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts on this subject by commenting below. 



Keion Givens2 Comments