Artist “Datin” Boldly Sends CHH Haters Warning Shots In His Latest Track “CHH Ain’t Dead”

Good Afternoon  Rapture Ready Family. 

If you’re a long time fan or fairly new to CHH and the CHH Community. This post may or may not come to you as a surprise. On yesterday a huge track was droppped by one of God Over Money’s artist and member “Datin”. If you aren’t familiar with him, he’s responsible for songs like “Do It Again” as well as “Bout Dat”. He’s also known for publicly speaking out against Lecrae not defending CHH. So as we have seen, Datin is not one to sugar coat Gods Word nor afriad to speak his mind. Datin has shown this in the new track released on yesterday called  “CHH Ain’t Dead”. 

Although controversial to some the track weighs in on some issues within the CHH community. Datin is very vocal about CHH artist who have come into the genre being embraced and then having denounced it because of it’s  lack of profit. Datin then gives credit to those who came before him especially “Bizzle” being the one who opened the door for him. He then speaks on doing the same for future CHH artist. 

The track can be found on Rapzilla’s SoundCloud in the link below. Please listen and comment your thoughts below in the comment section. Let’s Talk About It.