Rapture Ready Productions Adds To Its Arsenal With New Artist “GIV”

Good Morning Rapture Ready Family. Today is another day that can be marked as a milestone in the Rapture Ready Legacy. Yes. The rumors are true and the graphics are real. Rapture Ready Productions has just signed a new artist by the name of GIV. What makes this even more amazing, he is a vocalist.

Again Yes!! A singer! Rapture Ready Has Added To It’s Arsenal and let me tell you... You are in for a God ordained, spirit ushering, melodic treat!

So without anymore delay let us introduce to you the talented, anointed and gifted 

 Johnathan Nichols aka “GIV” 



Let’s Congratulate this brother on his new endeavor with Rapture Ready Productions, his giftings and mostly important the ministry that God has given him. Below are amazing words from his fellow peers and family members. We encourage you to comment share and show “GIV” love below in the comment section.


Johnathan, I am so proud of you for stepping out and following your passion. I am so excited for the dent that you are getting ready to put in the world. I love you and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 😘😘😘 #TeamSoHard

 Renetha Nichols: Wife Of Johnathan “GIV” Nichols

He is on a different psychological path... he has an old soul and when you put those factors together into artist expression, you get GIV! People are not ready for what he is cooking in his psyche! Point Blank! Being that he is my biological brother, we all came from heavy musical background and we all have traveled our own path in how we wanted to express it. The world can look for eclectic musical melodies with past soul music infused with unorthodox lyrics and delivery style that is not predictable. He is the new wave of different and you should look forward to seeing him stretch your mindset on Christianity and Church as usual. I’m proud of his accomplishments and very anxious to see how Rapture Ready will elevate him and his music! Now I introduce the World to GIV!

Cliff Nichols: Multi Nominations/ Award Winning Inspirational Recording Artist

GIV! A talent like his does not come around often. His singing ability cannot be touched by many. The trait that impresses me the most is his willingness to serve. He has proven time after time that he is here to do what God has called him to do, and I am truly excited to serve with him. 

Jason Knighten “JayKnight”: Executive Producer & Director Of Artist Relations and Development/Rapture Ready Artist

Jonathan man im stoked you’re apart of the team. You bring us a dynamic that is going to push the squad to the next level. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through your ministry bro!

Brandon Parker “Parker”: Rapture Ready Artist & CFO

I am super excited and humbled to share in the opportunity to be a brother and a co-laborer. I’m thoroughly impressed by his gifting and anointing. I’ve watched his willingness to serve. I honestly believe that “GIV” is very important and vital to RRP’s future and elevation.  

Keion Givens “Hisname”: Rapture Ready Artist / Blog Editor & Chief, Co Creative Director  

Whether its your passion for God, Music, or Family,  Johnathan you always give 100 percent. I have watch you mature and grow over the last few years ive known you. Your drive to really connect with people with your music and media is what really sets you apart from the crowd. Tons of people can sing, but when you sing I can almost feel the touch of Gods hands reaching out to me. You have a gift thats bigger than yourself and God has choosen RRP to be the place where you can grow and cultivate it! We dont take that lightly! Remember this is just the beginining! The best is truly yet to come and I cant wait to see what God does through you next!

Jeremy Duncan: CEO of Rapture Ready Productions