Today Is Officially “Mr. Rapture Ready Day”

WHAT’S UP!!!!  Rapture Ready and IGodYou Family. 

Im sure you’re wondering. What does Rapture Ready have up there sleeve again. These guys just don’t stop do they?.

Well of course we don’t, we’re Rapture Ready! 

Today calls for a special celebration. Some of you may know or may have heard. If you haven’t, I believe it’s time we unleash the Kraken. So here we go.

Today is the birthday of “Mr. Rapture Ready” himself  Jeremy “JDun” Duncan. On behalf of the artist and staff here at Rapture Ready, we wanted to take out this time and use this platform to congratulate him on another god given year of life. 


Jeremy, I’m so very proud of you and all your accomplishments. I know the sacrifices you’ve made and setbacks you’ve endured, but through it all, you never gave up. Keep pushing forward in the things God has called you to. I’ll always be here rooting for you.

Love, Jana

Happy Birthday realest hardest working guys in the business, Jdun! May God continue to bless and prosper your family and the visions he has given you!

- Parker

Jeremy is a real dope down to earth man. He definitely has a HUGE heart and he's ALWAYS supporting everyone he knows. Can't wait to see him win. Happy birthday!

- Angel

Mr. Jeremy ”JDun” man,  where do I start.Two years ago we met via my boldness, praise the Lord you have shown me so many things you have shown me so many things about having a true brother. There’s  so much that I can say for one you are REAL secondly you CARE you've been there for me when I just wanted to praise the Lord or even when I just wanted to curse and give up on life you never changed. You only spoke the word and I thank you for that. You made me undserstand what the word brother truly means, it's not just a word that you throw around just because you're a Christian. It’s  the thing to do. Many people need a strong grounded brother such as yourself in their life because the world would become a better place. I can go on and on but I don't want to put myself in the spotlight. I Love You. Happy Birthday.

- Nick

A comedian, friend, brother,  motivator, multiple texter, willful giver, inspiration and supporter! that’s what J is to me. That’s what he’s always been and hasn’t changed since I’ve met him. It’s always love with that guy!

- Tometrya 

J. Dun, you are a visionary and a builder. You give people a chance and you see the gold in them musically as well as spiritually. Anyone you link with is blessed just by association and being in close proximity. Enjoy your birthday and keep being legendary.

- Black

Honestly I’m so grateful for you bro because if it was no JDun there would be no Jay Knight the artist period. Happy Birthday

- Jason

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