Rapture Ready Productions Welcome's "Parker" As New Signee And Vital Part Of The Rapture Ready Movement

Today is a great day for us all at Rapture Ready Productions as well as for our fans and followers. We are proud to pronounce "Parker" formerly known as G-Servant, as one of the newest members of the Rapture Ready Family. Although he has already been an important part in the brotherhood we can now officially call him not only a brother but a label mate. He is officially Rapture Ready. We thank God for him and his dedication to being a servant to ministry and the movement. We are so grateful to have him apart of the team.


Parker has touched so many lives. It shows below in the countless words of encouragement on Parkers behalf's. 

Dear my Parker, While God created human beings with the need for relationships I never realized how perfectly you would fulfill my need. Thank you for being my best friend, my soulmate, my strength, and most of all my husband. Your humbleness, creativeness in incredible talents I will always be thankful for. As you embark on this new journey with Rapture Ready know that as you continue to press forward the kids and I will be here for you. Through the worst of worst and the best of best I give thanks for you and your love to our family and your passion for Christ and music. I'm a proud wife, I love you Mr. Parker and I'm ready to represent Rapture Ready with you!!

- Kendra Parker

I’m super proud of Parker and the journey which he is embarking. As his pastor, I have the honor of witnessing his passion to produce music that would touch and transform the soul of man. I read this quote once that read, “To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.” Make NO EXCUSES, continue to pour your passion into the lyrics of life’s melodies.

- Apostle Keith Richard

Yo Parker first I would like to say I've very proud of you and praise God for your advancement . This is a great opportunity for ministry to go further . You know we've been rocking for years I knew something was unique when people would ask were we brothers ..lol I always said you was the big bro who turned his gangsta down. One thing I've loved about you all these years is that you don't mind supporting others that show boldness in Christ  and when correction needs to be presented you give it raw. And that giving up isn't a option for you.. from your personal life to those who see you in ministry

- Nicholas Menina - Fresh Revelation Media (Long Life Friend)

Parker is one of the hardest working artist I know. He worked with me as an artist on my label Longevity Music for years traveling the nation. His lyrics are relevant to the culture and he has a huge heart for young people.

- Cory Hicks (Mentor)

Yo! I wish you all the wellness in the world on your endeavors big homie! Keep pushing that gospel forward and making great music! You my best friend and we both are each others fans!

- Bobby (Titus) Lands

Congrats on your signing with RRP famo! It's a blessing to see you ascend to higher levels, I'm glad to see your grind paying off immensely. We always talk and joke about that day we met at that Mcdonald's parking lot almost eight years ago just chopping it up and about vision and purpose, and I see you continuously fulfilling yours, I gotta say, it's an honor to be along for the ride. I've seen you grow and fight throw challenges and tests, and you've torn down every obstacle. You have a true champion spirit and the Most High is going to continue to open doors for you, this is only the beginning and you ain't through yet! Grace and Peace my brother!

- Charles Tre Battles lll (Former Label Mate)

Hmmm... Mr. Brandon “G-Servant” Parker!! You know we go back like four tires on flats! Thank you for always being a brother despite everything we’ve been through! I’ve always viewed you as a brother! But not just a brother, a Man of God! You never waivered! You always stayed the same genuine person! You encourage me in so many ways! You know it’s all Love bro and I know God got you!! Keep doing ya thang!!

- Jaleel 

"G" you been one of my closest friends for years since I was in high school growing up I had always looked up to you if it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be in my walk. 

You always say how proud you are in me but you have no idea how proud of you I am you family my brother and I've watched you grow. You have so much motivation in you. You really do, you have pushed me in a lot of ways even when I felt like giving up in the hardest times in life and you always have been what I would call a best friend. You have a great heart and I can't wait to see what happens for you next along your journey. I love you fam and if you ever need anything you know I gotcha fam much love

- Lil-T

It’s an honor and a privilege to have you join Rapture Ready Productions, but the true honor is me being able to call you brother! Over the last two years we have really built a strong foundation and brotherhood that surpasses just Music! Just know that i see the ministry and purpose that God has given you and I’m prepared to help you accomplish all that God has set for you to accomplish!! This is just the beginning! It’s the Kingdoms time! Let’s gooo!!!!

- Jeremy Duncan

"Parker is one of the most sound artist I have ever encountered on and off the mic. I have always admired his approach to his ministry, it is unlike anyone else's. I know God is going to bring him to heights that none of us can imagine."

- JayKnight 

"Man I'm just honored and grateful to be able to one day share the stage with the great "Parker". In this short time that I've known you bro. I've always been intrigued by your spirit. Talent is through the roof and there is no denying it. You are vital part man to this whole movement and I see that. You are a movement all by yourself. Looking forward to seeing what God is gonna continue to do bro. "Kingdom Business"!!

- Keion Givens (HisName)

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