Don't Let Your Words Destroy Your Future

I was listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes’ sermon on Retraining Your Mind this morning. His reference scriptures for the sermon were from Exodus when Moses freed the nation of Israel from the Pharaoh of Egypt. He highlighted because of the nation of Israel constant complaining they didn’t enter into the land God promise them.


The nation of Israel didn’t recognize the miracles God was performing on their lives due to their negative perspective. Think about this: God actually separated a sea for them to escape, every day for 40 years he supplied them food; yet they complained about the food and even suggested that being slaves was better than being free (Exodus 14:12). Due to their words they never got a chance to inherit the promise from God. Their negativity, their words and attitude cancelled his promise. There are doors God opens for some people that are closed due to their mouth. There are blessings that some people will never receive due to their attitudes and their mouths. There’s a person I know that has back pains who constantly talks about the discomfort it keeps them in. I have personally prayed over this person’s body, I have given them prophetic words from God concerning their aliment; however, their attitude and mouth cancels the healing. They’re stuck in the “wilderness” because their attitude and words rejects his promises.


Here’s the illumination I received from that sermon: You will reject God’s promises for your life without the proper attitude and words. Here’s another way to say that, that’s more clear for everyone to understand: SHUT UP!


Don’t disqualify yourself because of your mouth.

- Ewell Netter