Can I be transparent? For the last month, the enemy has attacked me and my family financially. Unexpected bills have came up and there has been a feeling of more income going out then coming in. Now, God has taken care of all of our needs in this time, but I hate the feeling of depending on my next paycheck. So, while I was in sleep I can hear myself asking God, “why am I struggling with this?” “You promised me that my account will be overflowing this year. Where’s the disconnect Lord?” God woke me up with this statement, “You’re not a diligent sower. You desire to sow, but once that desire leaves your diligence to sowing also leaves”.I woke up asking God for the heart to be a diligent sower this morning, and it was like he started to pour into me each promise he made the entire year. It was like he was waiting for me to have this revelation!

I need you to understand what diligence is, I learned this from my Pastor. Diligence is when you no longer have a desire to do something; yet, you STILL do it.  You’re diligent to the promise and not the desire. God, I know someone needed to hear this. Not just from a financial perspective, but also with your relationship with Jesus. Will you be diligent to his promises when you’re burnt out, when you’re tired, when your desire leaves, when you don’t feel like it?

- Ewell Netter