" Shifting "

God has revealed to me a shifting in the body of Christ. There’s this shifting from a traditional, religious, man made doctrine with rules disguised with orders to true bondage being removed, Godly order and true freedom from sin. A renewed thinking that our position has been secured in Jesus and not by things that qualify you for salvation. No longer are the walls of the building in which we worship and fellowship only contains the presence of God but, a generation has rose to now understand they contain this presence and it goes everywhere they go. No longer do we pray for signs and wonders; a shifting has come where we stand on the word and signs and wonders follow. We no longer accept poverty as “God’s will” because it’s not… It’s not in his character and we are made in his character. The importance of “titles” are being removed. The heart of God is being displayed in every way. Seeds are being sown. Strongholds are being released, Pain is being removed. The enemy’s tactics are being destroyed and the glory of the Lord is heavily being revealed! This shifting will not be contained. It will move in such a way that religious antics will have no significance. Truth, Love, Repentance, Healing, Protection, Prosperity, and Security is here with it and God’s Spirit is the catalyst of it all… I encourage you to move with this shifting.