The Hurt Of Letting Go

Anything you hang on to that God wants you to let go is an enemy. It’s an enemy to your purpose, it’s an enemy to God’s will for your life and it’s an enemy to your future. There’s a comfort in holding on to things we are familiar with. Even when we know holding on is unhealthy, hurtful and fruitless; we hold on because we are comfortable and the fear of letting go is more paralyzing in our minds than holding on to something that’s hurting our future. The hurt of letting go; releasing control and trusting God for what we have not experienced often terrifies us. This is why Paul informs us to walk by faith, not by sight. Because what we see can and often is a hindrance to our faith. I can control what I see, I can’t control what I don’t see or what I’m not familiar with. In these moments, we must remind ourselves of Abram. I want you to picture Abram in Genesis 12, who was a wealthy man being instructed by God to get out of his country; the land he was familiar with, the land he was comfortable living in; to leave his family and go to a land that God will reveal latter to him. Abram really had to walk by faith; he didn’t know the destination at all, but he had faith in the promise. The promise was revealed in Genesis 12:2 NKJV, “I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing.” His faith was in the promise! Was leaving his family, comfort zone easy for Abram? Of course not, but he didn’t hesitate to let go, because the promise was greater than his comfort!  I need you to understand this; the promise is always greater than your sight. The promise is always greater than your comfort zone. When God instructs, there’s always a blessing tied to it, because there’s faith tied to it. There’s a release of my control, a release of my comfort zone, a release of fearing the unknown and a dependency in God that pleases him. Trust the promise and not your comfort.

From the upcoming Book, "Church Hurt Has Developed Me."