RRP Artist "Jay Knight's New Ep "Revival" Is Exactly That! A Revival!

I’m sure you’ve seen the countless graphics and promo for the newly released Ep by Rapture Ready’s own Jay Knight titled “Revival”. If you haven’t heard it yet I would encourage you to go have a really good listen at this ground breaking body of work.

Lets begin..

Jay Knight begins this Ep off with a hard drop on “Always Working” calling CHH artist in his community and around the world to attention. His views on self reflection which results in the listener doing the same. Upon first listen it may seem as gloating but Jay Knight is in fact convicting CHH artist to check their reasoning behind what they are called to do. The smooth yet hard hitting and more intimate vibe in the track “Pressure’ is also a call to unity and perseverance in the faith as well as the chh community. Who, why and in what manner are we using our gifts is what I was left with after hearing. “So Serious” has an cypher style where Jay Knight comes out with all out “bars” that hit hard with assurance and truth. Its safe to say Jay Knight knows who he is and his purpose and speaks boldy about it on this track. This track begins to shift the Ep in a more serious direction. On “Safe” you hear Jay Knight’s bold and victorious character. Proclaiming his safety in Christ Jesus alone and his position. This leads to one of the more powerful tracks on the Ep. Starting off hearing a pastor minister the truth. “All The Time” has an amazing feel and speaks volumes for the mission. “Christ I Rep” full of excitement and swag. Jay Knight drops what could be said as an anthem for believers to be proud and encouraged to continue spreading the Gospel. Its safe to say that Jay Knight makes it known that there’s no other label and or group of ministers like those at Rapture Ready Productions. Followed up with a hard stadium type of sound in “R.R.R.B” an acronym for “Rapture Ready Running Back”. Alarming sounds and horns let you know that Jay Knight is serious about his stance as that. The Ep ending with a ode to the past. Jay Knight lets Depression & Diabetes know that he’s a child of God and a solider. Letting both issues know that he cant be defeated and encouraging the listener with this relative message of survival and victory. It can be said that this Ep will and has the ability to spark a new fire in believers and artist alike. A “Revival” fire!!

Below are links where you can stream and buy the Ep “Revival” Feel free to comment your remarks and personal feelings and testimonials about this Ep.


iTunes/AppleMusic- https://goo.gl/hRQHo3

GooglePlay- https://goo.gl/b5HVUY

Amazon- https://goo.gl/NvrFv7

Tidal- https://listen.tidal.com/album/98651465