With The Word

Matthew 8:5 – 13

In these passages of scripture we find Jesus entering Capernaum and coming in contact with a Centurion soldier. The centurion comes to Jesus on behalf of his servant who is paralyzed. Jesus says to the centurion that he would come and heal him. It’s important to know that Jesus was willing to meet the centurion’s servant at his home to heal. The centurion does the unexpected after hearing Jesus’ response to coming to heal his servant.


He operates by faith alone. He says to Jesus, “You don’t have to come to my home, only speak a word, and my servant will be healed.” This faith marveled Jesus and because of this faith the servant was healed that same hour the scriptures state.


I know this is the Thanksgiving holiday, but God didn’t want me to provide a “thanksgiving message” to you, but a message that will make you thankful. Jesus was willing to meet the centurion’s servant at his home to heal him… Jesus is willing to meet us where we are, but having the faith to only need his word will produce him to be amazed. Why did he marvel at this faith? It took faith to come up to him and ask for healing… He marveled because the centurion disregarded the flesh (sight) for this type of faith. To only receive the word and believe is faith that only focuses on the ability of Jesus. There’s another point here, in verse 13; Jesus tells the centurion, “go your way; and as you believed, so let it be done for you.” The next part is the part that has me being so thankful on Thanksgiving once I received this illumination! It states, “and his servant was healed that same hour. 

Listen, the centurion just took Jesus’ word and went home and his servant was healed instantly! My God, do you understand the security in knowing that all you have to do is have faith in the promises from Jesus, and based on your faith in him fulfilling that promise you can just go home and it’s already manifested?! Some of us are waiting for Jesus to do it for us, we are waiting on him to make a move. Whether it be for healing, provision, protection, jobs, career, etc. and Jesus has already given you a word... He’s waiting on you to take the word he has given you and “Go your way; and as you believe, so let it be done…” Go with the Word he has given you! He’s waiting on you to take that word and Go your way! There’s books you should be writing, people that are waiting on the gifts, anointing, talents inside of you and you know he has given you a word… It’s time to, “Go your way…”. Have faith in the word that he has given you and be thankful in the manifestation that will happen instantly.

- Ewell Netter